Cancer is the number two cause of deaths in the United States and is number one in undeveloped countries. Learn what you should know and how to prevent and fight cancer before it steals your life or the life of a loved one! Find out who are more at risk of cancer, and what needs to be done in order to stay cancer-free. Scientific professionals agree that more than a third of cancer mortalities can be avoided by prevention. Adopting a healthy life style, eating healthy, and doing all the necessary screening tests are the keys to prevent the occurrence of cancer and to detect it as early as possible.


Natural Defence

The strong natural defense in your body recognizes cancerous cells as abnormal and attempts to destroy them before they replicate and spread. Cancer usually progresses in people with a weaker immune system.

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Ketogenic Diet

With a ketogenic diet or keto diet, cancer cells are starved of the primary fuel which is glucose, thus killing the cancer cells. Although there is some controversy that a keto diet may not be effective for late cancer stages or in the longer term, there are certainly some benefits of a keto diet that fights against cancer cells.

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Although repeated physiological stresses due to mental, physical and emotional pressures may cause some physical and mental health problems, they have a lesser or indirect impact to developing cancer.

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Immune System

A strong body immune system or a natural defense tends to fight and destroy cancerous cells before they replicate and spread. Immunotherapy is promising as an effective option to treat cancer.

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Cancer Tips

Adopting a healthy life style, staying on a healthy diet, maintaining a successful exercise routine, and doing all recommended cancer screening tests are important key factors to combat cancer.

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Other Resources Here are additional and other helpful resources about cancer.

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