Natural Defense

Natural Defense


We all carry cancer cells, and all of us are exposed to cancer promoting agents. One quarter of all people die of cancer, and three quarters of all people are protected from cancer because of their natural defenses. Statistics show that there are a greater number of cancer patients in western societies, and that has to do with their lifestyle.

Factors that may affect one's natural defenses:

  • Sugar feeds cancer cells, carbohydrates convert to sugar through a chemical process in your body.

  • Chemical exposure, mainly pesticides, decreases one's immune system.

  • Exercise boosts one's natural defenses.

  • Social support reduces stress, thus it helps boost natural defenses.

  • Sun exposure: our body manufactures vitamin D only through sunlight. 20 minutes in sun per day between hours of 10 am to 2 pm with 1/3 of the body exposed to sunlight creates 20,000 IU units of vitamin D naturally in your body (it is much more effective than taking supplements).

  • Trans fats: trans fats or unsaturated fats are artificially created in industrial processes. Avoid trans fat; instead, use omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are essential for the body for good health. Omega fatty acids cannot be produced in your body, and they have to be obtained through your diet.

  • Dry cleaner bags: take the plastic covers off clothes from the dry cleaners a couple of hours before you put the clothes in the closet or wearing it (air it out). This way you eliminate harmful carcinogens from the plastic and the dry cleaning fluids, otherwise you inhale and it will spread through your body.

  • Avoid chemical cleaning products.

  • Avoid cosmetic products such as perfumes.

  • Avoid antiperspirants and shaving products that contain aluminum.

Strengthen natural defenses to fight cancer cells

A study published by the Ohio University in 2008 was conducted with 222 breast cancer patients based on a one year program, and the finding was that there was a 68% reduction in mortality during the following 11 years. The details of that study are as follows:

  • Patients who practiced meditation and stress management increased the oxygen level in their body.

  • Patients were on fruit and vegetarian diets.

  • Patients practiced 30 minutes of physical activities, 5 times a week.

  • Patients should reach out to friends for support during difficult times.

Do the above in combination to be more effective. For instance, eat at least 5 fruits and veggies per day in combination with 30 minutes of exercise, per day and 5 times per week. Diets consisting of 80% fruits and veggies, and 20% meat are acceptable (veggies are considered to be the core of your diet, not meat). Alkaline stops the growth of cancer cells! Be advised that fish is full of omega 3 oil which is fine. Canola and olive oils and naturally raised chicken eggs also contain omega 3 fatty acids, also contain omega 3 which is essential for a healthy body.

It has been determined that turmeric and apricot seeds are cancer fighting agents (apricot seeds contain lots of vitamin B-17). Self-esteem, not giving up, and not feeling helpless and hopeless makes a person live longer and decreases mortality in cancer patients.